GuardianPaws Dual-Layer Dog Poo Bags

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Introducing the "GuardianPaws Dual-Layer Dog Poo Bags" - The Ultimate Solution for Clean and Hassle-Free Cleanup!

Why Choose GuardianPaws Dual-Layer Dog Poo Bags?

  • Double-Layer Leak-Proof Design: Our GuardianPaws Dog Poo Bags feature a unique dual-layer construction. The first layer is made of sturdy paper, while the second layer is made of reliable plastic. This double-layer design ensures no leakages, providing you with peace of mind during cleanup.

  • Spacious and Suitable for All Dogs: The GuardianPaws Dog Poo Bags are designed to be big and spacious, accommodating waste from dogs of all sizes. No matter how large or small your furry friend is, these bags have you covered.

  • Toilet Flushable: The paper layer of the GuardianPaws Dog Poo Bags is toilet flushable, offering a convenient and eco-friendly disposal option. It provides an effortless cleanup process, keeping your environment clean and hygienic.

  • Two Types of Packaging: We understand your varying needs. The GuardianPaws Dog Poo Bags are available in two types of packaging to suit different situations. The first type is ideal for home use, with 120 poo bags included. The second type is designed for short travels and contains 16 packs, each of which contains 4 poo bags, giving it a total of 64 poo bags, ensuring you have an ample supply on the go.

  • Dimensions: Each GuardianPaws Dog Poo Bag measures 32.5cm by 18.5cm, providing ample space for waste collection and easy tying.

Choose GuardianPaws Dual-Layer Dog Poo Bags for a clean and hassle-free cleanup experience. With their leak-proof design, spaciousness, toilet flushable feature, and convenient packaging options, these bags are your perfect partner for responsible pet waste disposal. Order your GuardianPaws Dual-Layer Dog Poo Bags today and enjoy convenient and reliable waste cleanup for your furry companion!

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