Healing Brush

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What is it?

A soft silicone brush that quickly scrubs away dirt and loose fur while gently massaging your pet making them feel extra care for.

Why it's special?

  • REMOVES LOOSE FUR ONLY - Designed with a total of 144 silicon bristles in one brush.Outer bristles catches flyaway fur. Inner bristles reaches deeply to remove loose fur.

  • PAINLESS BRUSHING - Does not pull out healthy fur. Only removes shed fur gently. Helps in deshedding to reduce fur.

  • Wetting💦 the brush can help make the perfect fur cookie🍪🐶🐱

  • MASSAGE WHILE BRUSHING - Do both at once. Boosts blood circulation at the same time for skin and fur health. Provides your pet a paw-some massage and bonding time.

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Designed to fit right into the human palm. Holder design for a firm grip and high level of user comfort. Designed to be mewonificiently user friendly.

  • FOR BOTH DOGS AND CATS - Perfect for shedding seasons. Just keep in mind that effects may vary among different fur length and breed.
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