DDHouse - Irresistibly Fascinating Cat Playground Kitty Cat Tower PVC Pole


Bring the playground home for your precious little one!

Each cat is different – some prefer snoring all day and others climb high to keep an eye on the world below them. Of course there are also cats who just really enjoy terrorising the neighbourhood… But they all enjoy a nice stretch or scratch. Thus, a safe and stable cat tree is indispensable in your home.

The DDHouse cat playground is a multi-level adventure tower fit for lounging, climbing, scratching and hiding. Thanks to the multiple levels, your cat will be able to bring out its inner tiger.

The specially designed hammock and space capsule moulds exactly to the shape of your cat, providing your beloved feline with extra comfort while they lounge, curl up and sleep.

The sisal scratching poles provide endless opportunities for cats to play, scratch, or just relax. Felines can sharpen their claws with the large, durable sisal wrapped scratching surface, giving them a healthy outlet for their scratching instincts without worrying for early wear and tear because of its scratch and snag resistance.

Topped with a viewing deck, your beloved feline can enjoy a bird's eye view while keeping an eye on the world below them. 
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