Lifetail Zone Feeder 5L (Wifi Version)

Introducing the Lifetail Zone Feeder (Wifi Version) – Because mealtime should be a purr-fectly orchestrated affair!
  • App Smart, Real Science, and Healty Feeding : Scientific diet plans that make your cat the Einstein of nutrition! Regular feeding routines to keep that kitty waistline in check. The app analyzes feeding records to keep those chubby cheeks at bay.
  • Remote Control Smart Food Call : Summon your furball for a feast anytime, anywhere – because who says dinner bells are so last season?
  • True Freshness, Multi-Locked Freshness Every Day : Lock in the flavor with multi-level freshness technology. Watch your pet revel in the glory of freshly dispensed meals – it's a culinary spectacle!
  • Foods Come Out in a Blaze of Glory : Smooth food delivery suitable for the most discerning of feline palates. Accommodates a variety of pet foods – because one size does not fit all.
  • Washable, Nice to Install Separate Design : Easy to clean – because we believe in keeping it tidy, not tricky! Hassle-free installation with a design so chic it'll make your pet's zone Instagram-worthy.
  • Dual Power Supply : Adapter direct power supply for a constant flow of cat gourmet. Battery power supply – because what if your cat's a fan of outdoor dining?
  • 5L Capacity : Room for culinary experiments, or simply your cat's favorites in bulk.
  • On-Time Food Delivery, Recorded Food Calls, and Remote Control : Never be late for a meal again! Record those adorable food calls and even control the feeding schedule remotely.
Upgrade your cat's dining experience to the 21st century with the Lifetail Zone Feeder (Wifi Version)! Your cat will thank you with purrs of joy.
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