Pawganic Chicken Breast with Broccoli for Dogs (30g)


We believe that being tasty and healthy should never be a choice of one or the other. Our recipes are inspired by our favorite human dishes. Along with researches on high-protein meats and superfood elements, we aim to create innovate, safe and nutrient-dense recipes for your dog. Promotion of healthy lifestyle and longevity of your dog is our top priority. Most importantly, you dog's satisfaction is guaranteed.

The right ratio of chicken to broccoli will easily help you add veggie into your dog's diet. With added superfood, chia seed and ginger, this recipe will be a delicious and well-balanced nutritious bite for your dog.

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Product highlights

  • Established in 2021
  • Dehydrated stripe-shape dog treats
  • 100% made from fresh and natural ingredients
  • Only made from meats, vegetable and superfood
  • No additive, preservatives and other artificial ingredients
  • Grain free
  • Positioning a gourmet dog treats
  • All flavors are certified by the Department of Livestock Development in Thailand (No. 01 09 64 0623)

Chicken breast, broccoli, chai seed, and ginger

  • Protein (min) 75%
  • Fat (min) 6%
  • Crude Fiber (max) 1.5%
  • Moisture (max) 12%

Feeding Guide

  • 1-5kg | 1-2 pieces per day
  • 5-10kg | 2-3 pieces per day
  • 10-20kg | 3-5 pieces per day
  • >20kg | 5-8 pieces per day
Best to consume within 1 week of opening
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