Petsuper Smart Feeder - 5L (Video Version)

Meet Petsuper Smart Feeder - 5L (Video Version) Elevate your pet's dining experience to celebrity status with the Petsuper Smart Feeder – the only dining companion your furry friend will ever need!
  • With HD Video, Wide Angle Night Vision Camera : Spy on your pet's mealtime shenanigans in high definition! Infrared night vision for those covert midnight snacking operations with a 120-degree wide-angle lens.
  • Support 2.4G & 5G Wifi Networks : Your pet's meals deserve the VIP treatment – stable connections and faster data transfer! Greater compatibility for the tech-savvy pet owner.
  • Scientific and Precise Feeding : Transform your pet's meals into a work of art with a customized feeding plan. Scheduled and measured meals with feeding logs – your pet's food diary just got an upgrade!
  • Smart App Remote Control : Whether you're on the couch or across town, one-touch feeding is just a tap away! Intelligent and worry-free – because your pet deserves a smart dining experience.
  • 5L Capacity : Versatile and spacious – perfect for the pet with a discerning palate. Say goodbye to small portions – your pet's feast awaits!
  • No More Jams : Ensure timely meals without the drama of food traffic. Your pet's meals will flow smoother than a cat gracefully landing on its feet.
  • Preserve Freshness : Lock in the flavor and crunch with our freshness-preserving technology. Because only the freshest meals will do for your four-legged food critic.
  • Dual Power Supply : No power outage shall come between your pet and their meal. Adapter direct power supply and battery power supply for uninterrupted dining experiences.
  • Easy to Clean and Assemble : Cleaning up is easier than convincing a cat to take a bath. No complicated assembly – just plug, play, and let the feasting begin!

Upgrade your pet's dining setup with the Petsuper Smart Feeder - 5L (Video Version) and watch as mealtime becomes a cinematic experience!
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