Shiny Bling-Bling Dog Harness (3 Colors)

$26.77 Regular price $38.90

Want to take your pet out on a walk at night, but afraid that conventional collars won't be able to alert potential cyclists and drivers to a pet on the road?

Worry not, for we have a solution for you!

Try these reflective harnesses for your pets! Coming in a variety of colours, they reflect light, making your pets stand out like the brightest star on a dark dark night!

Now feel more at ease knowing that your pets will be easily spotted by motorists!

Neck: 44cm-48cm
Chest: 48cm-54cm
Weight: 9.6kg - 13.2kg
Neck: 36cm - 40cm
Chest: 46cm - 50cm
Weight: 4.8kg - 7.2kg
Neck: 28cm - 32cm
Chest: 36cm - 40cm
Weight: 3kg - 4.8kg
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