Taki Classic Series - Golden Pomfret (12 packs)

by Taki
Best By: 18 May 24

Introducing the world's first freeze-dried Pomfret, TAKI’s Teochew special! Woo hoo!

Essential fatty acids, such as Omega 3, trace minerals and vitamin A, D & B, found in pomfrets will help your furkids develop and maintain healthy brains, decrease dementia risk and boost immune system.

The idea came to us while we were enjoying a traditional Teochew dinner. After months of research & development, we are proud to present TAKI's Teochew Special. From the rich waters of Penang, this treat is filled with the sweetness of the ocean

Product Highlights

  • Lots of vitamins minerals that can make your furkid more intelligent, so that hopefully he/she can eventually work and make a living on its own
  • Especially suitable for Teochew dogs & cats
  • Can be rehydrated
  • Stable shelf life - 12 months at room temperature in a cool, dry place, in the packaging, avoid direct sunlight
  • 100% product of Singapore - made in-house at NUDE Seafood
  • No additives
  • Perfect as pampering treats or meal toppers

100% Pomfret protein

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