Whack-a-mole Interactive Scratch Board

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Whack-a-Mole Interactive Scratch Board – Because Every Scratch Should Be an Adventure!

  • Scratching board with a twist – it's not just about trimming nails, it's a full-fledged entertainment center for your feline friend!

  • Features 2 interactive elements: a spring with a star attached for batting fun and a whack-a-mole function that your cat will love.

  • Say goodbye to bored kitties! With this scratch board, your cat becomes a self-playing dynamo, keeping entertained even when you're away.

  • Watch as your cat hones its ninja-like reflexes while enjoying the thrill of the chase

  • It's not just a scratch board; it's a scratching, batting, and whacking extravaganza!

Let the playtime begin! Get your Whack-a-Mole Interactive Scratch Board now and treat your cat to endless hours of fun.


Dimensions 26cm x 36.3cm x 6cm
Materials Wood, Corrugated Cardboard, Plastic
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