YU Camellia Nourishing Formula Shampoo For Dogs & Cats (400ml / 4L)

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by YU
"Natural & Organic repair gives your pets a luxurious oriental botanical and floral bath"

Exclusive oriental herbs care Oriental herbs have been nature’s most well-preserved secret. The exclusive YU Oriental Herbs Care for Pets product line introduces an exceptional selection of oriental ingredients to offer natural nourishment with fruity and floral fragrances for a healthy, charming and happy pet.

YU Oriental Herbs Care for Pets reveals Asia’s herbal and floral extracts mysteries in beauty care and provide all-natural nourishment for your pets’ skin and coat. From bathing, special beauty care to intensive nourishment, your pets happily enjoy the nourishment of rare herbal and floral essences at all grooming moments.

A broad variety of grooming items incorporating a rich blend of exceptional oriental herbs and flora is provided by YU, the exclusive pet care from Asia. YU grooming products are developed and formulated with superior ingredients to ensure that your pet is not only pampered, but also safe.

This Camellia Nourish formula contains camellia essence to strengthen damaged fur from the inside and nourishes for a healthy, smooth coat. It is further enriched with witch hazel and allantoin to rejuvenate and moisturize the coat. After each bath, your pet will be moving around with a captivating flora scent.

  • Repairs and strengthens damaged fur
  • Enriched with camellia oil, witch hazel and allantoin
  • Nourishes and rejuvenates the skin and coat
  • Suitable for both dogs and cats
  • Made in Taiwan

Camellia Oil, Witch Hazel, Allantoin, Vitamin B6, Epilobium Fleischeri Extract

  1. Wet your pets coat down to the skin.
  2. Apply an adequate amount of product onto the palm of your hand and rub into a soft lather.
  3. Massage thoroughly.
  4. Rinse off completely with clean water.
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